33 Dogs Who Would Like You To Pretend This Never Happened

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These doggies are definitely having a worse day than you.

Dog are the best, aren't they? They just live their happy little lives, content to hang out with their humans, or maybe even their dog pals at the dog park, having a grand old time. Dogs have a few simple needs: a nice place to sleep, some food, and a pack to run with. We don't normally think of dogs as being embarrassed about much, considering their relatively simple natures, but sometimes - they do stuff that SHOULD embarrass them.

These hilarious photos show dogs doing the most dog-ish thing possible. They've got themselves into a pickle, as so many dogs have done and will continue to do. (We know about curiosity and the cat, but if you've ever met a dog, you know they're just as interested into getting into everything as their feline friends.) And now that they've ended up in these pickles, they'd like us all to pretend that they are perfectly happy stuck in a couch, or in a hedge, or under a bed. Don't worry about them. They're fine. All good. Good in the hood. Totes magotes. No worries, man. They're just chilling out, quietly regretting every life decision that led to this point. Get Started