21 Hilarious Photos Of Cats Being Shamed For Their Crimes

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They don't even look guilty...

It's nearly impossible to keep cats out of things. They're fast, quiet, and you THINK they're sleeping. The next thing you know, they've eaten your lunch or turned over the cat bowl! It's almost like cats know exactly how to push our buttons to the extent that we can't even imagine. But sometimes cats are simply crazy! And when cats get out of hand, it's perfectly fine to shame them by putting up a big sign next to their face about what they did, and then snapping a hilarious picture of the cat in their guilt and shame. (Yeah, right. As if the cat would ever feel guilty.)

Pet shaming photos came about in the mid-2010s, and it has honestly stayed funny even years later. The idea came from parents "shaming" their kids online by posting a picture along with their "crimes" but to be honest, kid-shaming seems a little horrific and possibly damaging for a child's entire psyche. On the other hand, cats do not have emotional psyches to damage (that we know of) and cannot read, so it's a lot funnier to shame pets than it is to shame kids. Besides, cats totally meant to screw you over anyway. Here are our favorite cat-shaming photos! Get Started