These 39 Cats Have Insanely Cool Fur Patterns! WHOA!

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Jennifer C. Martin
Nov 22, 2017

I can't believe these cats actually exist!

Wait, what? these 33 crazy cat fur markings are actually real. Did you know that Egyptians used to worship cats? Cats became domesticated in the fertile crescent region: they helped chase rats and mice away from food stores, and humans were grateful for their presence. They valued their feline company, and ever since, it's been a world for cats and cat lovers. One of the best things, though, is that there are literally dozens of types of cat breeds. As these breeds become further intermingled, they show up on the cats as luxurious fur. For some reasons, cats seem to have the coolest fur markings and patterns of anyone else in the animal kingdom! Probably because God loves cats the most.

Whether the fur is short, medium, or long, or whether the cats are calico, striped, spotted, or solid, and whether the fur color is red, black, grey, brown, white, ginger, or some mix... cat fur is completely gorgeous. And we have found some of the greatest cat fur patterns on the entire internet. I can't believe cats like this even exist! They're almost too gorgeous (or insane) for us to think they're real... but they are. No Photoshop here: just a random fix of millions of years of evolution leading to a few cool cats with cool fur patterns. Which one is your favorite?

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