39 Perfectly Timed Photos Of Man's Best Friend That Are Doggone Funny

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Getty Images:iStockphoto

You couldn't take these if you tried.

We all know that unless you catch them sleeping, dogs aren't going to sit still for a picture, which makes these mid-action shots of various pooches all the more amazing. Are any of these crazy canines messing with their owners? We found perfectly timed photos of dogs swimming underwater, photobombing their owners' special moments, and appearing to walk on their hind legs. There are some impressive optical-illusion shots that make dogs look as big as Godzilla, or 10 feet long, or part of a human's body. Dogs are forever dumbfounded by glass doors, windows and screens, and we found plenty of hilarious examples of them trying to figure out just how this sorcery works.

Man's best friend isn't exactly magical, but if you snap a picture at just the right moment, it can certainly seem that way. Don't believe us? Check out these doggone funny photographs that are perfectly timed! Get Started