Before And After: 31 Super-Cute Pets Growing Up With Their Favorite Toys

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You gotta be kitten me. SO CUTE.

Did you know that there are 6.5 million animals that enter shelters every single year? How tragic! Rescuing pets can be a great thing to do. But taking photos of animals as they grow up is a great thing to do, too. One of the most popular photography trends is to create a photo you took as a child in the present day. The idea is to use the same toy, type of clothes, same people, and take those photos at the same exact place as the original photo was taken. Isn't that cool?

In this instance, it's centered around pets! Some people prefer to have dogs as pets, and other people prefer to have cats. Others might look outside the box as far as pets go, and choose to have fish, birds, ferrets, rabbits, hamsters, rats, snakes, or other kinds of exotic pets. But having a pet is proven to be good for a person's emotional and mental development. Pets make us healthier! They're loving, kind, and loyal companions to us.

So for this slideshow, we've found photos of pets that grew up with their favorite toys and recreated their photos from kittenhood and puppyhood. These pictures are so cute and sometimes quite hilarious! Take a look at these adorable rescued dogs and cats recreating their babyhood photos, spanning years in between! These images are so cute--it has us purring with delight! Get Started