27 Cats Who Don't Know What Personal Space Is

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Hello human. I need to be ON YOU.

Domestic cats have been part of human society for thousands of years. In ancient Egypt, they were revered, sometimes even earning a place beside their human in the afterlife. In Europe during the Middle Ages, they were considered to be evil and were often associated with witches, especially black cats. On farms all over the world, cats are prized for their ability to hunt rodents and keep them from eating the grain on the farm. In the United States, many housecats are the most pampered and beloved creatures ever...and they don't even appreciate it! They get a regular meal, a warm place to sleep, probably some treats...we even pick up their poop and they only occasionally reward us with a snuggle. That said, cats are sometimes considered to be quite aloof, but depending on the cat, this couldn't be farther from the truth. Lots of cats LOVE to be near their humans...or even ON their humans. Have you ever been working on your computer and suddenly had a cat jump onto your shoulders from the floor? I have. It's alarming, but it's also cute. Then he just sat there for literally like 15 minutes. It was weird. These cats have given up any idea of personal space, and must be as close to their human as possible. Get Started