29 Hilariously Dejected Cats Who Just Can't With Their Leashes

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Don't try this at home... really.

There's a reason why you don't see more cats being walked on leashes: they absolutely hate it. Yes, you can go out to a pet store or search on Amazon for a leash made specifically for a cat, but we have yet to meet a feline who trots along happily and keeps pace with its owner on a walk like a dog would. At best, your easily distracted cat will meander around while you hold onto the leash so it can't get away. At worst, you'll be taking your pet out for a drag as it claws the ground and wonders why you are doing this to it. We found cats on leashes at both extremes, and everything in between. Feel free to laugh at these peeved pussycats as they struggle to get away from this terrible idea--they won't hear you. Look at their frustrated faces and the next time you think it might be a swell idea to try walking your cat on a leash, perish the thought.

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