23 Horrifying Photos That Prove Nature Is Metal As Hell

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Warning: it may be too scary for you.

Nature is beautiful, right? No, nature is dangerous, terrifying, and awful. Let me just list off a bunch of facts about animals: bees and wasps can create nests ANYWHERE. There are more parasites than you can ever possibly imagine. The monsters that live deep in the sea are real, and scientists know almost nothing of them compared to other fields of study. Deformed and disabled animals are born every day that look like actual, real life demons. Snakes and spiders are on almost every single continent. There are more poisonous and venomous animals and plants than we could ever know. Earthquakes are literally just waiting to happen and no one can predict them.

Okay, NOW what do you think about nature? Is it beautiful to you now? No, it's horrifying and you know it. You know that people who voluntarily go outside are nuts. (Okay, okay, you should leave the house... but maybe not go to the Amazon rain forest or something.) But yeah, nature is metal as hell. These scary (and kind of hilarious) photos absolutely prove it. So grab your phone or computer and prepare to go on the world's most haunting safari... inside. Get Started