27 Cats Who Don't Want To Be In Selfies

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Get meowt of here!

Good thing humans already know cats exist, because otherwise it would be hard to prove they are real. Why? They never want to be in selfies! I mean, really. We devote our whole lives to feeding them, petting them, giving them things to knock over, and being coldy ignored by them. The least they could do was hold still and look cute through a couple hundred photos taken at different angles and with different lighting combinations. I mean we pick up their poop, for God's sake!

Even though cats hate selfies, we still try to take them. Sometimes we get bitten, sometimes we get scratches, and sometimes we just get wicked side eye. The funny thing is, once we stop bleeding and piece together our shredded pride, we realize that our cats refusing to be in selfies actually make for pretty funny pictures.

Plus, no matter how mean our cats can be, we totally love them. They could be eating our faces off, and as long as they looked cute and fluffy while they were doing it, we'd probably melt inside and then try to capture it for social media. We never learn our lessons. That being said, here is a totally hilarious list of cats who have had enough of their humans' selfie taking crap. Enjoy! Get Started