23 Animals Who Embarrassed Themselves In Public

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Oh dear.

One thing we humans love to do is assign human emotions to our animal friends. While it's true that animals can be happy, sad, or scared in much the same way we are, one emotion we're not really sure about is embarrassment. In order to be embarrassed, one must have the ability to feel shame. (Which is why your cousin who doesn't give a crap about what anyone thinks of him isn't embarrassed about that awful car he drives. He can't feel embarrassed because he has no shame.) "Shame" is a pretty uniquely human emotion that was invented by patriarchy and religion to make people feel bad about doing things that feel good - but it's also a useful emotion that keeps us from doing actual bad stuff.

We're not 100% sure if the animals in this slideshow are able to feel shame, but if they are - then that's definitely what they're feeling in the situations they've gotten themselves into. Have you ever seen a cow in such a predicament? What about a sheep who's gotten stuck somewhere? And of course, many of us have seen our beloved cats or dogs do something truly hilariously stupid. Read on to see some of the silliest things animals have done to embarrass themselves (and entertain us). Get Started