29 Animals Who Definitely Don't Care About You Or Anyone Else For That Matter

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Life is too short to obey humans.

You think animals care about you, but they don't. Not at all. Not even a little bit. Animals don't care about your signage, rules or being polite. All of the hilariously defiant creatures in the following photos have a "me first" mentality and don't give a toss what you or anyone else thinks about it. See a pigeon photo-bomb a tourist trying to get a perfect shot. We found a goat who either can't read "please do not climb on the rocks" or just doesn't care. There are also photos of a cat laying on pizza, a moose in a grocery store, dogs who don't understand when you need "me time," a swan who wades in a puddle in the middle of the street, a chicken who defiantly struts by a KFC entrance, a bird who doesn't care about your wet cement, and a charging hippo who will chase you down the street.

But still, we love these animals regardless. They're the best. In fact, I personally identify with animals who are rule breakers. You probably didn't know how little animals respect your alleged authority until now. Read on to see all of these outrageous creatures with boldness to spare. Get Started