We Found Them: The 25 Weirdest Therapy Animals People Have Brought On Planes

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Get the flock outta here.

You know that phrase "no dogs allowed"? Well, it doesn't ALWAYS apply. People with disabilities often rely on their service animals (usually dogs, but sometimes mini-horses) for help, and the law is behind them when it comes to bringing these animals to places like restaurants, grocery stores, the mall, even the airport. The Americans with Disabilities Act defines these animals as being trained to help a person with specific tasks relating to their disabilities. But does that apply to animals like cats, iguanas and kangaroos? Not according to the ADA, but you can take them on an airplane (sometimes for free!) if you can get a letter declaring that your pet is your "emotional support animal."

ESAs are more common than ever and that's why on your next flight to Miami, you might find yourself sitting next to Daniel the Duck and his red booties or Hamlet, a 70-pound pig with his own Instagram who regularly travels around the country with his owner. Allergic to cats and some dog breeds? Arm yourself with some Benadryl, because Fido or Fluffy might be taking up the aisle. Some people actually do need their cockatoo or monkey to help alleviate the anxiety that naturally comes with hurtling through the air in a metal death tube 35,000 feet above the Earth. Others get fake papers and a vest off Amazon to avoid paying the extra fee and stowing Duke in cargo. You won't believe what some people will try to pass off as therapy animals so they can travel with their pets. Read on! Get Started