31 Dogs Who Tried ... And Failed

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Oh no doggo what is you doing?

You know what they say in Dog World: If at first you don't succeed ... that's it. You've failed. But you've already forgotten what you were doing anyway, since you're a dog. And don't worry: Your owner probably already posted a picture of your attempt on the Internet so that everyone can still laugh at you. ... Or at least we think that's what they say. We honestly have no idea. But we are definitely thankful for the Internet today, because we were able to find 31+ pictures of doggos failing adorably that made our day. We hope they'll make yours too! After all, some of these dogs were just trying to accomplish everyday tasks (and in some cases, implausible tasks) while attempting to please their owners. But it just didn't work out! Others were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Still others were just not good at getting their picture taken. But after seeing these pics, you'll probably be glad (or maybe jealous?) that your doggo or pupper doesn't regularly make these mistakes too. ('Cuz then his or her life would be such a struggle!) Anyway, try not to spit out your beverage through your nose as you make it through this list of 31+ doggos who tried so hard and got so far ... but in the end, it didn't even matter. Get Started