23 Cats With Stuff On Them

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They're not pleased.

Domestic cats have been part of human society for thousands of years. In ancient Egypt, they were revered, sometimes even earning a place beside their human in the afterlife. In Europe during the Middle Ages, they were considered to be evil and were often associated with witches, especially black cats. On farms all over the world, cats are prized for their ability to hunt rodents and keep them from eating the grain on the farm. In the United States, many housecats are the most pampered and beloved creatures ever...and they don't even appreciate it! They get a regular meal, a warm place to sleep, probably some treats...we even pick up their poop and they only occasionally reward us with a snuggle.

One thing all cat owners know is that cats love to sleep, anywhere and everywhere. And when your cat is just lounging somewhere, don't you ever get the urge to stack things on the cat? Nothing that will hurt the cat, obviously! But something light and amusing? Some cats don't like this, and will get up immediately. But other cats are more laid-back. They go with the flow. And when something gets placed upon them, they're chill. These are those cats. Get Started